Hangzhou IECHO Science Technology Co. Ltd was participating in SAMPE CHINA 2014 in Beijing on 9.3th-9.5th 2014, the demo machine were BK2011 and BK1216 automatic cutting machine.

Period: October 27-29, 2014
Address: China International exhibition center, Beijing, China.
Stand number: B4

Material and Process engineering is the technology by which materials are developed or selected and manufacturing processes chosen which will convert those materials into products which meet the design, performance, productibility, quality, and cost effective criteria required.

The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE®), an international professional member society, provides information on new materials and processing technology either via technical forums, journal publications, or books in which professionals in this field can exchange ideas and air their views. As the only technical society encompassing all fields of endeavor in materials and processes, SAMPE provides a unique and valuable forum for scientists, engineers, and academicians.

SAMPE’s strength is in its chapters. We have professional and student member chapters worldwide.

SAMPE is governed by an Executive Cabinet of volunteers elected from its members. A Board of Directors representing the professional chapters oversees the Cabinet. Day-to-day operations of the Society are run by a paid professional staff located at the International Business Office in Covina, California.

The professional chapters are governed similarly by volunteers elected by the local membership. Two international chapters, Europe and Japan, are so large that an International Vice President from the chapter presides over the chapter and is a part of the Executive Cabinet.

The professional chapters sponsor student chapters, guiding these young people in their professional development and supplying information on this area of technology.

Promoting market diversification, SAMPE disseminates information about the commercial and industrial applications of material and processing engineering. These include land transportation, construction, marine, biomedical and medical, sports and recreation, and industrial applications. It is SAMPE’s opinion that the well being and career development of its members as well as the industry by which they are employed requires that technology transfer be successful.