IECHO has developed SC high speed large format static cutting system to cut single-ply and few-ply  material independently, it adopts advanced control system, which is with high cutting speed, high-  precision, strong stability. The system is easy to operate, which can cut some soft materials,such as  carbon fiber, glass fiber, PVC, ETFE, PEFE, HYPALON, oxford cloth, leather automatically with high speed (without making sampling, drawing line and cutting dies).


Our SC machine used in China, Russia, Korea , Malaysia, Australia, Germany, etc.  in Saiecho aerospace cutting machineiling, Awning, Aerospace industry.

“This machine is, you know, it’s very accurate on the market, I work in a few other lofts and everyone of them is have an automatic machine.” Said a sailmaker who worked for in Customer sail design department.


“We used to have to cut all this by hand and now within a matter of a small fraction of the time that it used to take, the cutting equipment now does that job for us and does it with it considerably diminished risk of air. ” Said President of Aerospace factory.

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No regrets, we got everything we were promised and more. The table itself has run smoothly without a flaw or hiccup. The service and support we get from IECHO is first class - it is like they are part of the team. The new possibilities still excite me!
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