1.Why automate?

*Increase Efficiency
*Increase Productivity
*Increase Profitability
*Reduce Labor Costs
*Reduce Waste
*Save Time
*Save Money

2.What languages are supported?

Currently, courses are available in English. Additional languages will be added in the future. If a course in a specific language is desired, please submit your request via email to:info@iechocuttingmachines.com

3. Which power needed for the machine?

Pump:9KW with 380V voltage
Cutting machine:2KW with 220V voltage

4.What about the warranty?

12 months from the date of installation.

5.Should I prepare a computer?

You could buy the computer from us or from local market.

6.What’s the requirement of the computer?

Expansion slot: 2 PCI/PCIE slots (very important)
Operating System: WindowsXP/ Windows7 32 BIT or 64 BIT

7.Is vacuum included?

Yes, and the power of the vacuum pump is depends on material you cut.

8.How long does it take to install a machine?
For BK series,it normally takes 1-3 days. For SC series,it normally takes 3-7 days.

9.How fast can the IECHO Digital Plotter/Cutter draw and cut fabric?
The maximum cut and mark speed for the BK series is 1 metres per second, and the maximum cut and mark speed for the SC series is 1.8 metres per second.